Utah Enacts State EITC

Utah Governor Spencer Cox (R) signed a nearly $200 million tax relief package that lowers the state’s income tax rate and enacts a state-level nonrefundable Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) worth 15% of the federal EITC.  

The bill’s fiscal note estimates that the EITC will result in $194 of savings for more than 81,000 workers in the state. The credit makes Utah the 31st state to enact a state EITC.

In a recent opinion piece, state Representative Mike Winder (R-West Valley), who introduced legislation this session to enact an EITC, urged his colleagues to pass legislation supporting low- and moderate-income families in addition to the proposed state income tax cut.

To learn more about other state-level tax credits across the country, visit our 50-state map here.