Director Mana Mostatabi Director Mana Mostatabi
Strategic Advisor Lauren Pescatore Strategic Advisor Lauren Pescatore
Social Media Manager Heather Norris Social Media Manager Heather Norris
Writer Tiffany Browne Writer Tiffany Browne
Writer Nandini Singh Writer Nandini Singh
Senior Communications Associate Abby Ling Senior Communications Associate Abby Ling
Writer Lauren Bush Writer Lauren Bush
Writer Michael Chan-Lok Writer Michael Chan-Lok

Mana Mostatabi

Mana is the director for Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families. She provides strategic communications and advocacy support for state groups and helps advance Tax Credits priorities at the federal level. She previously served as the communications director for a variety of non-profits and grassroots advocacy groups.

For support and technical assistance with communications materials involving tax credits for working families, or for general tax credit-related inquiries, please contact Mana.

Strategic Advisor

Lauren Pescatore

Lauren is a strategic advisor for Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families. She has been a part of the Tax Credits team since 2012 and served as the project’s director before transitioning into her role of providing strategic guidance and project oversight in 2017.

Social Media Manager

Heather Norris

Heather supports all social media aspects of Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families. As the social media manager, she curates weekly content for the social channels and manages the overall social media presence of Tax Credits. She leads all of Tax Credit’s social platforms and is regularly in conversation with media and news circulating around state and federal tax credits.

For social media inquiries related to tax credits, please contact Heather.


Tiffany Browne

Under Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families, Tiffany collaborates with state organizations and advocates, advising and assisting them in their Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Child Tax Credit (CTC) campaign awareness. A former journalist, she also contributes to the Tax Credits blog, sharing information related to federal and state level legislation regarding tax credits and impactful news related to EITC and CTC.


Nandini Singh

Nandini is a new addition to the Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families team. Prior to joining Tax Credits, she worked with local and global advocacy groups to spread their core messages. Early in her career, Nandini wrote feature stories on influential men and women from the United States, Canada, and India, who championed efforts to improve gender parity at the corporate and communal level. Since then, Nandini has primarily generated content related to education policy, spotlighting the implications assessment data has on evolving education trends. As a writer for Tax Credits, Nandini generates blog content, illuminating trending topics and key policy developments on tax credits.

Senior Communications Associate

Abby Ling

Abby is the senior communications associate for Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families. They have been part of the team since January 2022. They support content creation and advocacy campaigns focused on promoting tax credits on the state and federal level. They assist in conceptualizing content, writing blog posts, and leading the weekly news roundup, which covers all featured news around state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs), Child Tax Credits (CTCs), and Child and Dependent Care Tax Credits (CDCTCs).

For inquiries involving website updates or the weekly news roundup, please contact Abby.


Lauren Bush

With 15 years of experience in health research, education, and program management, Lauren brings valuable expertise to Tax Credits for Workers and Families. She has a strong background in health outcomes research, education policy, and grants management, as well as a track record of published work and speaking engagements. Her previous roles in diversity and inclusion, such as overseeing a training program for underrepresented students in dental schools, demonstrate her commitment to equitable access. Lauren's educational background includes graduate studies in epidemiology and biostatistics at Emory University, complementing her International Studies degree with a specialty in Economic Development from Spelman College. Her multifaceted expertise and dedication make her a valuable contributor to the Tax Credits team.


Michael Chan-Lok

Michael is a contributing blog writer for Tax Credits for Workers and Families. He connects the importance of tax credit programs in relatable ways to communities and populations who would most benefit from them. In previous writing roles, he’s contributed work to and advocated for clients in education, government, public health, and professional sports. Michael also assists in website updates and the weekly news round-up.