News Round Up: September 18, 2023

Top Story: Last Tuesday, the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual Poverty in the United States report, which detailed poverty estimates for calendar year 2022. According to the report, the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) child poverty rate more than doubled following the expiration of the expanded federal Child Tax Credit (CTC). (U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Census Bureau)

  • Tax Credits for Workers and Families (TCWF) examines the new Census report in a blog post to explore how pivotal an expanded federal CTC is in empowering low-income families and in combatting the regressive effects of the pandemic. (Tax Credits for Workers and Families)
  • President Joe Biden responds to the recent Census report in a statement acknowledging the surge in poverty rates and criticizing congressional Republicans for not extending the expanded federal CTC beyond its 2021 sunset. (The White House)
  • The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) emphasizes how policy changes can drastically impact poverty rates and how states have become key players in bolstering local tax credits to supplement federal benefits. (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy)
  • The ITEP underscores how Congress’s failure to expand the federal CTC led to devastating surges in poverty and what steps lawmakers can take to reverse the “inexcusable tragedy.” (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy)
  • Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration push to re-expand the federal CTC with renewed vigor following recent Census data. (ABC 8 News)
  • Every week, TCWF spotlights one of several partner organizations and the remarkable work happening within their respective states. This week we highlight Policy Matters Ohio’s response to the Census report, which reflects on how strengthened pandemic policies, particularly the expanded federal CTC, were a valuable support to Ohio (Policy Matters Ohio)