Weekly News Round-up: September 28, 2015

Here are some highlights from the past week’s news on family tax credit issues. Remember – you also can track news coverage throughout the week by visiting our website, where you can filter news by a specific credit and/or state.

  • In his address to Congress, Pope Francis encouraged lawmakers to support those who struggle to make ends meet and save for the future (TCWF, Washington Post, Huffington Post).
  • On September 22, Tax Credits for Working Families joined the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to co-host a webinar on effective tools and tactics for advancing state-level Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs) (TCWF).
  • Donald Trump released his tax plan, which aims to “provide tax relief for middle class Americans” but makes no mention of tax credits for working families (Vox).
  • The Senate Finance committee will hold a hearing Thursday on EITC error rates (The Hill).
  • Wesley Tharpe of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) reflected on the latest Census poverty data, noting that the EITC and Child Tax Credit played an important role in keeping Georgians and their families out of poverty in 2014 (GBPI).