Visualizing the Impact of State EITCs

By Lauren Pescatore

The 2015 legislative session has been particularly active for state Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs). Legislation was introduced in Arkansas to create a state EITC, but failed to pass a committee vote. A bill currently before California lawmakers would enact a refundable state credit. A measure to restore Michigan’s EITC to previous levels is pending approval from voters in a May special election. EITC legislation was also introduced in Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska and North Carolina this session.

Because each state’s EITC is structured differently, it can be difficult to visualize how various changes to these credits affect the lives of working families. Throughout the session, Tax Credits for Working Families has worked with a number of state policy groups to help illustrate the impact of legislative decisions around the EITC through infographics and social media memes:

Tax credits Illinois infographic april 23         MT_infographic_final

Infographics are vital tools for breaking down complex issues and helping to educate lawmakers and the public about how policy decisions can affect individuals and their families. If you feel that your organization could benefit from an EITC infographic, please contact Lauren Pescatore at

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