Tax Credits for Working Families Releases Case Study on Oklahoma Battle to Preserve State EITC

Over the last few years, advocates have fought hard to protect and expand current state Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs), or to create new ones. To assist in these campaigns, we’ve compiled a number of case studies of some of the recent tax credit battles to be released over the course of the next few weeks, followed by a resource guide to summarize and help advocates interpret our findings.

The second in our series of case studies is Oklahoma, where in 2012 advocates preserved the state EITC and other working family credits even though both House and Senate voted to eliminate them. The study includes:

  • Background information on the political environment in Oklahoma in 2012;
  • The structure of the campaign to preserve the state’s EITC and the strategy they employed;
  • How key messages resonated with the campaign’s audience;
  • The next steps necessary to preserve Oklahoma’s EITC; and
  • Tips from advocates.

The full case study is available here. Be sure to watch for our blog as we continue to release a new case study each week.