News Round Up: September 26, 2022

Top Story: The Pennsylvania 2022-23 state budget is set to include a new fully refundable Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program, which is modeled after the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC). The credit will be available to claim during the 2023 tax filing season. (The Courier Express)

  • North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) called upon the state legislature to move forward with an $80 million childcare package that would include an expansion of the current Child Care Assistance Program and create a state-level CDCTC. (Knox Radio)
  • A recent policy brief from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) highlighted the importance of creating and expanding the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) as the country still faces economic uncertainty and low-income workers are unable to meet basic household needs. (ITEP)
  • ITEP examined recent U.S. Census data on child poverty in 2021 and found that the 2021 temporary expansion of the federal CTC drove an enormous drop in child poverty, and that Congress should consider making the changes permanent. (ITEP)
  • A recent report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) examined how the expansion of the federal safety net during the pandemic, such as the expansion of the federal EITC and CTC, mitigated poverty and how they could be used to offset economic downturns in future recessions. (CAP)
  • In response to the latest Census data, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) urged lawmakers to prioritize working families over corporations and permanently expand the federal CTC in bipartisan year-end legislation. (CBPP)