Let’s Get the Presidential Candidates Talking about Tax Credits

By Lauren Pescatore

With barely a month left to go before the election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump still haven’t gotten specific on how they plan to help working families move from poverty to financial stability if elected president. Despite growing support among prominent political leaders on both sides of the aisle for tax breaks for working families like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), both Clinton and Trump have had little to say about their plans for these credits, most notably so during the first presidential debate on September 26.

eitc-voteNow, the candidates will meet again on October 9. And we have a very viable opportunity to get them to talk about their plans for tax credits for workers and their families. You can now vote for the candidates to be asked a question about the EITC and Child Tax Credit by clicking here: https://presidentialopenquestions.com/questions/7520/vote/

We know that most American voters want the next president and Congress to do more to reduce child poverty in our country. By asking both Clinton and Trump directly how they plan to do so, this question may help clarify for many undecided voters which candidate has a stronger plan for lifting workers and their children out of poverty. The question needs about 7,000 more votes to be considered among the top contenders for Sunday’s debate. If you consider child poverty to be one of your top concerns in this upcoming election, please consider sharing this question and encouraging those in your network to vote for it to be asked on October 9.