Join Us on Twitter to Discuss #EITC4Equity

How can we leverage the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to advance equity in the United States? Over the next month, TCWF will use the hashtag #EITC4Equity to explore the ways in which the EITC intersects with a variety of social justice issues.

The EITC is widely acknowledged as one of the most successful tools we have for helping low-wage workers keep more of what they’ve earned. Less well-known – despite extensive research – are the numerous ways the credit helps improve health and educational outcomes among recipients and their families and advance racial and gender equity. The #EITC4Equity campaign is an effort to elevate this research and highlight the EITC as a powerful tool for advancing social justice.

Each week, we will explore how the EITC intersects with the following issues:

Week 1 (March 26 – April 1): Gender Equity

Week 2 (April 2 – April 8): Racial Equity

Week 3 (April 9 – April 15): Health

Week 4 (April 16 – April 22): Education

Week 5 (April 23 – April 29): Criminal Justice Reform

Join the conversation on Twitter using #EITC4Equity.