District of Columbia


Rate (Fully-Refundable): 70% of the federal credit.1

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All District taxpayers who qualify for the federal credit are automatically eligible.
  • In addition, non-custodial parents between 18 and 30 “who are in compliance with a court order for child support payments” may claim D.C.’s credit even though they are not eligible for the federal credit.

Latest Legislative Action: For tax year 2022, D.C. expanded the EITC from 40% to 70% of the federal rate. Eligible filers will receive a refund equal to 40% of the federal EITC as usual after the return is processed. The additional 30% of the D.C. EITC will be paid in monthly installments over the 11 months pursuant to District law.2


  • The D.C. government, business and non-profit organizations partner together to run the DC EITC Campaign, which promotes awareness and free tax preparation services to ensure that all EITC-eligible DC residents claim both their federal and DC credits. 
  • D.C. also offers a non-refundable Low Income Credit for individuals with qualifying children who do not claim the EITC.
  • In May of 2014, the D.C. city council overrode Mayor Vincent Gray’s veto of a final budget, which expanded the EITC to 100% of the federal credit for childless workers.


D.C. does not currently offer a state-level CTC.


D.C. offers two versions of the state CDCTC with a more generous (and refundable) benefit for low-income families.

Credit for Child and Dependent Care

Rate (Non-Refundable): 32% of the federal credit, up to $336 for one child and $672 for two or more children.3

Eligibility:  All District of Columbia taxpayers who qualify for the federal credit are automatically eligible.

Keep Child Care Affordable Tax Credit4

Rate (Fully-Refundable): For tax years 2021-22, the tax credit was worth up to $1,020 per eligible child.

Eligibility Requirements: See the District of Columbia’s state tax information page for details.

Notes: Formerly known as the Early Learning Tax Credit (ELTC)


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