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  • RT  @NASCSP : #ICYMI: Last week  @TaxCreditsWF  hosted a briefing on how tax reform could impact low-wage workers. View here:… 5 days ago
  • RT  @povertynews : ICYMI, you can watch the full video of our #taxreform2017 briefing:  @TaxCreditsWF  1 week ago
  • "The #EITC works really well. And if something ain't broke, you really shouldn't try to fix it" -  @econjared 1 week ago
  • Missed our Capitol Hill briefing on tax credits & tax reform w/  @povertynews ? Watch the full video of the event here 2 weeks ago
  • RT  @LeciaDC : Not only embrace, but #ExpandEITC too 2 weeks ago

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Feb 17

News Round-up: February 21, 2017

Last week, Georgia lawmakers introduced two separate bills to create a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The first, SB 172, would create a refundable state EITC worth 10 percent of the federal credit. The second, HB 329, is a tax reform package that includes a 10 percent nonrefundable state EITC.
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Feb 17

Video of Feb. 13 Capitol Hill Briefing: “How Will Tax Credits Fare through Tax Reform?”

On Monday, TCWF joined Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity to host a bipartisan briefing on the future of tax credits for low-wage workers as Congress weighs tax reform.
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